The Monarchy and Québec

My op-ed about Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois`s recent dismissive remarks on the role of the monarchy in Québec was published in the Globe and Mail today. Click here to read about the royal history of Québec.

2 thoughts on “The Monarchy and Québec

  1. I think Marois’ point, though perhaps badly expressed, is that the British monarchy is irrelevant to the lives of Quebecois today. If it isolates Quebec from the rest of Canada, this is surely because of the chasme that exists between Quebec’s disinterest and even hostility to the monarchy and the infantile fascination shown by Canadians. Most Quebecois must be stupified by this unthinking reverence. It is time for Canada to shed her attachment to this foreign anachronism. Marois is right on this point.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I disagree that interest in the monarchy is “unthinking” or “infantile” or that the monarchy itself is a “foreign anachronism” – as I state in my column, the monarchy has shaped Canadian history and remains a vital aspect of Canadian political culture.

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