The Diamond Jubilee Series 1: The Young Queen of Canada

The first of the four part series I wrote for the Kingston Whig-Standard about the Queen’s role in Canada during her sixty year reign was published today. Click here to read “The Young Queen of Canada.”

In the past few days, I have also been interviewed for the Hamilton Spectator and Le Figaro.

Enjoy the Diamond Jubilee Coverage!

One thought on “The Diamond Jubilee Series 1: The Young Queen of Canada

  1. “In contrast to the intense scrutiny directed toward the Duchess of Cambridge today regarding potential pregnancies, the upcoming royal birth was not announced during the tour, though rumours circulated about the reasons the Queen took opportunities to rest over the course of the visit.”

    This is one of those rare instances where it seems that the 1950s was a more civilized time. It strikes me that such news should be private and only released when the couple in questions elects to release the news.

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