Queen’s Alumni Review Article: Queen Victoria and Canada

Queen Victoria, the Mother of Confederation

Queen Victoria, the Mother of Confederation

My latest article in the Queen’s Alumni Review Magazine discusses the impact of Queen Victoria on Canadian history from the earliest years of her reign.

“When Queen Victoria granted a royal charter to establish Queen’s College in Kingston in 1841, she was 22 and had reigned for four years. Over the course of her nearly 64-year reign (1837–1901), Victoria shaped key events in Canadian history, including the aftermath of the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada, the relationship between the Crown and the First Nations, and Confederation. The Queen also shaped Canadian culture and institutions, and her birthday remains a national holiday in Canada.”

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2 thoughts on “Queen’s Alumni Review Article: Queen Victoria and Canada

  1. I enjoyed your talk in St. Catharines this morning very much. As I commented I said the name of the book I reviewed incorrectly. It was Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera. Anyway, before retiring I was a Special Collections Librarian (local history) and my own interests were and still are in history, specifically locally.

    I write lot of history articles for journals and magazines. A huge interest is British History and so when writing many reviews for Library Journal, that was my genre, thus the earlier review mentioned. I have read your articles in Canada’s History, ‘Raising Royalty’ and ‘Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe.’ Well done all! As a librarian, I borrow them from my local public library.

    Your talk was of great interest, especially, for me, the parts about the Marquis of Lorne and P. Louise and their work in culture. I just did not know of their establishing such an arts network. I know the Marquis has an intriguing personal history, and may search out a book on him.

    I shall also look up the Queens Alumni Review.

    best regards, Gail Benjafield

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