New Review of Hanoverian to Windsor Consorts: Power, Influence, and Dynasty in The Royal Studies Journal

Hanoverian to Windsor Consorts: Power, Influence, and Dynasty, co-edited by Aidan Norrie, Carolyn Harris, J.L. Laynesmith, Danna R. Messer and Elena Woodacre has been reviewed by Amy-Jo Humphries at the University of Liverpool in The Royal Studies Journal.

“As well as the introductory and concluding chapters, Carolyn Harris provides vital contextual chapters for each section that highlights the similarities and differences between each consort and emphasises the value of bringing these individuals together in one volume…Carolyn Harris’s final chapter then looks to the present and future by drawing on the legacies of previous consorts to contextualise the roles of Camilla Shand and Catherine Middleton. The inclusion of the latter, in anticipation of her future role as queen consort, is welcome and will hopefully serve as a basis for future academic study. This collection builds a clear picture of the changes that have occurred within the monarchy since the eighteenth-century. It is a highly valuable collection, one which has broken ground for future research in eminently interesting and often understudied consorts.”

Click here to read the review of Hanoverian to Windsor Consorts: Power, Influence and Dynasty in the Royal Studies Journal.

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