NBC Interview: ‘The Crown’: Did Jackie Kennedy really badmouth the Queen?

Jacqueline Kennedy

I discussed the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy and the Commonwealth in the Crown on Netflix with Daniel Arkin at NBC News.

Episode 8 of Season 2 of The Crown “Dear Mrs. Kennedy” employs a story structure that appears frequently over the course of the series: dramatizing two historical events and creating a fictional connection between them. In the case of “Dear Mrs. Kennedy,” the Crown portrays two events from 1961: John and Jacqueline Kennedy visiting Buckingham Palace (including reports that Jacqueline Kennedy was critical of both the palace and the queen) and the Queen’s visit to Ghana and creates a direct connection between them. I discussed fact and fiction in The Crown on Netflix with NBC News.

Click here to read ‘The Crown’: Did Jackie Kennedy really badmouth the Queen? at NBC News

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