My Winter 2023 Course at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies: Magna Carta and The Making of the Modern World

I will be teaching my course about the history and impact of Magna Carta, the charter imposed on King John of England by his barons in 1215, in January-February 2023 in-class at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

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Course Description: The Magna Carta is the landmark charter that placed limits on the power of the English king. Neither the king nor his rebel baron opponents necessarily expected its terms to be respected for long. But some of the Magna Carta’s principles – like the right to trial by peers and due process – have become basic to common law. The charter influenced the creation of Parliament and the concept of equality before the law. Later interpretations informed the American and French Revolutions, Canada’s Confederation and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The 800th anniversary in 2015 was celebrated around the world, and a surviving copy of the Magna Carta was exhibited across Canada. Join Carolyn Harris, author of Magna Carta and its Gifts to Canada, and discover the enduring impact of this document on the modern world.

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