My article about Prince Rupert on the cover of Canada’s History Magazine

Prince Rupert Canada's history My article on Prince Rupert of the Rhine, the cousin of King Charles II who became the first Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, is the cover story for the October-November issue of Canada’s History Magazine. In the article, I discuss Rupert’s adventure filled life including his escape from Prague during the 30 Years War as a child, his victories and defeats as a cavalier general during the English Civil Wars, his time as privateer in the royalist navy and his meeting with explorers Pierre-Esprit Radisson  and MĂ©dard Chouart, Sieur des Groseilliers that led to the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Pick up a copy of the October-November issue of Canada’s History Magazine to read my article on Canada’s Warrior Prince.

My interview with Canada’s History Magazine about Prince Rupert is available on the Canada’s History website

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