January-February 2024 Online Course: The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution

In January-February 2024, I will be teaching my popular online course about The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

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The consequences of the Russian Revolution continue to influence Russia’s politics and society, and indeed the whole world’s. In 2017, Russia quietly marked the 100th anniversary of the turning points: the abdication of Czar Nicholas II and Lenin’s seizure of power for the Bolshevik party.  Follow the quick succession of crises: the collapse of the Romanov dynasty, the end of Russia’s participation in the First World War, the emergence of the Provisional Government, and the fateful rise of Lenin and the Soviet Union.


  •        Explore the vanished world of the Romanov dynasty, which ruled Russia for 300 years.
  •        Learn about the swift events in Russia in 1917.
  •        Discuss the key figures and moments in the Russian Revolutions.
  •        Explore how the Russian Revolutions were perceived around the world.
  •        Analyze the impact of the Russian Revolutions on the modern world

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2 thoughts on “January-February 2024 Online Course: The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution

  1. Would you be able to confirm if the article you wrote “The Murder of Rasputin, 100 Years Later” for Smithsonian Magazine (2016) is considered a peer-reviewed article. I would like to use this as a credible source for a college paper and must use only peer-reviewed sources.

    • Yes, I wrote this article for Smithsonian Magazine – it is a magazine article, not a peer reviewed article for a scholarly journal

      For a peer reviewed article I wrote about the last Romanovs – see The Succession Prospects of Grand Duchess Olga in Canadian Slavonic Papers https://www.jstor.org/stable/41710573

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