SCS_HARRIS_Carolyn_2583_WU_headshotDr. Carolyn Harris is a historian based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She currently teaches history at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies. She often provides royal commentary on the CTV news channel and CBC radio. Her first book, Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada: Democracy, Law, and Human Rights, was published by Dundurn Press in 2015. Carolyn completed her PhD in history at Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada in May, 2012. She completed six months of her doctorate at Birkbeck College, University of London in 2009 as a visiting overseas research student.

Carolyn’s doctoral dissertation, “Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette: Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe” compares the public perception of Queen Henrietta Maria of England and Queen Marie Antoinette of France as wives, mothers and heads of royal households prior to the English Civil Wars and French Revolution. Carolyn’s research regarding Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette will be published as a book, “Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe” in the Palgrave MacMillan Queenship and Power series.

Carolyn at Chateau Cheverny, Loire Valley

Carolyn is an expert in the history of European monarchy and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including the CTV News Channel, CNN, BBC Radio 5, CBC syndicated radio, Radio Canada International, TVO’s “The Agenda,” The Toronto Star, the National Post and the Globe and Mail. Her writing concerning the historical context for issues facing the British and Canadian monarchies today has appeared in the BBC News Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Military History Monthly, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Bloomberg News, Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig-Standard. She was recently profiled in the Queen’s History Department alumni magazine.

Carolyn is also a prolific guest lecturer both on land and at sea. She has delivered talks on the monarchy for numerous museums and educational organizations including the Spadina Museum, the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust and the Queen’s University Institute for Lifelong Learning. Carolyn also contributes to cruise ship enrichment programs each year. In 2012, she gave a series of talks about the history of royalty and the Atlantic World as part of the Crystal onboard enrichment program. In 2013, she lectured about the monarchs of Sweden, Denmark and Russia as part of the onboard Celebrity Beyond the Podium guest speaker program. In 2014, gave¬†talks about the Danish, British, French, Spanish and Portuguese royal houses over the course of a month, sailing from Copenhagen to Lisbon via the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

I recently discussed my experiences as a royal historian and royal commentator with University Affairs Magazine

Carolyn is available to give talks and interviews on Magna Carta, royal history, Canada and the monarchy, and European history. She is also available as a historical consultant, writer, presenter or contributor to television, radio, print and online media.

For all inquiries contact:

E-mail: carolyn.suzanne.harris@gmail.com

Twitter: @royalhistorian

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  1. Congratulations Carolyn. How exciting! I now will post this site to my “favourites” I look forward to keeping up with one of my favourite topics!

    • Attended the U of T lecture series where you presented today. I could listen to you all day! You are well spoken, well versed, and a delight. Thank you for inspiring me to find out more about the hidden lives of historical monarchy.

  2. I enjoyed your interview on Canada AM VERY much this morning. Also, congratulations on your recent doctorate accomplishment.

    I would like to know if there is a club or group that are supporters of the Monarchy that I could join? I would also love to hear more information about the royals.
    I’m not a regular face book member and don’t tweet at all but would love to have a link somehow to what’s going on with the royals.

    Thank you for your help.

    Cathy Daniel

  3. Hello, I enjoyed the information in your blog. I found out recently I have a royal bloodline. I need more information on Peerage. I was wondering how I get in touch with a royal historian?

    • Glad you enjoyed the blog. I would recommend having a look at “Burke’s peerage” for more information on the peerage.

  4. Carolyn, I am interested in reading about King Henry VIII’s wife, Catherine Howard. I don’t know if much is written about her. What are your suggestions, if there are any books.


    • Thanks for your question, Yvonne! There are few biograpgies solely about Catherine Howard including a recent work by Joanna Denny and an older one by Lacey Baldwin Smith. I would also recommend looking at the books about Henry VIII’s six wives by David Starkey, Alison Weir and Antonia Fraser.

      • Thanks Carolyn, I have the book by Antonia Fraser which I enjoyed, but will definitely look into the other books which you recommended. Will be emailing your Dad to wish him a Happy B-Day tomorrow.

        Regards, Yvonne

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  6. 80 years ago the Kuban (which included what is now Sochi) was devestated by the Holodomor in an attempt to wipe out Ukrainians, the Ukrainian language, and the remains of the Kuban cossacks.

  7. Enjoyed the website very much…did send you an email with a few questions I had. Hope you have a great day.

  8. Dr. Harris,
    I was wondering if you do any work on genealogy. I have recently discovered a lot of past royals of England in my family tree, and would like to understand their titles. I would be willing to give you my Ancestry.com
    password if you could help me. I do realize the you are a vey busy person snd I ave waited this long to check into this I would be most grateful if at your convenience you could at least take a look.

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