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  1. Hi Carolyn
    I hope it is ok to contact you. I am doing some research into my family history and your site came up.
    We have a family story that we are descended from Hereward the Wake. It seems an odd story to have been passed down through the generations so I am wondering if there is some merit in it. It comes from my maternal grandfather’s line which does have roots firmly embedded in East Anglia. I was born in King’s Lynn and have A positive blood type which I believe is common for people from the region of Saxon descent.
    Do you have any tips for researching this?
    Kind regards

    • In re Royalty Magz June July…..article princess Alix etc. a blithe & enthusiastic young princess behaving in the manner of her democratically inclined mother Alice…i.e. all for being One with & appreciating the world in general & of Harrogate in particular,, very touching.. What a contrast to the world she was soon to influence in a very opposite way as fate seemed to present her with unexpected jolts at every turn etc.

  2. My maternal grandfather was a Harris and descended, most recently, from the ones of CT to NY over to Ontario. Others directly to Nova Scotia. I’d read of some ancestral generation members marrying Stricklands with an allusion to Agnes S. who came to mind in reading some of your commentary. I hope, you will be benignly amused by this. I have enjoyed learning about your work.

  3. Hello, Ms. Harris. I am a sixth grader at Shorecliffs Middle School and I’m doing a project for National History Day about Nicholas Romanov II’s abdication. I was wondering if I could email you a few questions that I have and hopefully find more sources that you could recommend for me. Thank you!

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