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  1. In re Royalty Magz June July…..article princess Alix etc. a blithe & enthusiastic young princess behaving in the manner of her democratically inclined mother Alice…i.e. all for being One with & appreciating the world in general & of Harrogate in particular,, very touching.. What a contrast to the world she was soon to influence in a very opposite way as fate seemed to present her with unexpected jolts at every turn etc.

  2. Is it true that Queen Victoria’s sister Feodora was jealous and conniving as portrayed in the current TV show Victoria? She’s driving me crazy and I hope it’s all a tragic misrepresentation— which would be annoying that they didn’t represent her correctly but I would be relieved. Do you have any accurate info on her?

  3. This may interest you:
    Tues Dec 17
    PBS 8-10 pm The history of Medieval Spain
    – 2 hr documentary includes La Convivencia -800 period in which Jews, Muslims and Christians were at peace

  4. Hello. What happens if the elder son of Duke (which title is held by an Hereditary peerage) resigns to the tittle? Does the tittle can pass to the next son of the original Duke?

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